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Who is Dactek ... ?

Dactek International is a company uniquely committed to the "science of identification."  Since our beginning, we have built our reputation for innovation on a proud tradition of technological "firsts"...the first permanent inkless fingerprinting system to be introduced and marketed throughout the world... the first permanent inkless fingerprinting system to be approved by the F.B.I. classification, search and retention... The portable workstation  is the first inkless fingerprinting system. To be truly inkless using the two chemical compound to create a permanent non-smudging clear fingerprint. Our Inkless Fingerprinting System is widely used and adopted by the U.S. Armed Forces and the U.S. State Department (American Embassies) and fully qualified for the National Crime Information Center as well as identification of schoolchildren and their families.  Dactek has been in the identification industry for over 30+ years and is a G.S.A provider for over 15 years.

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Why use fingerprints ... ?

Fingerprints are a widely accepted form of Identification. No two fingerprints are alike, thus fingerprint is a unique form of identification. Fingerprinting can be dated back 1,500 years, where the Chinese used them for a form of identification.

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Who is using fingerprints ... ?

Fingerprints are used in numerous applications and industries. Predominate use is in Government and Law Enforcement, prominent use in law enforcement also in  Banking, Real Estate, Check Cashing, Casinos, Notary Publics, Supermarkets and even in our schools.

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What fingerprinting product is best for me ... ?

There are few companies manufacturing and distributing fingerprinting products. To insure the fingerprint product you select is a quality product and applicable for your use. You should seek for pads that use ink that is black and permanent. "Which is the qualification for F.B.I. approval"

Inkless Rub-Off-Inkless (EZ-ID)
  • Banks
  • Government
  • Human Resources
  • Already or need to use applicant card for new hire procedures.
  • Pawn Shops & Brokers
  • Notary Publics
  • Casinos (Cash Cage)
  • Bank (Tellers)
  • Supermarkets
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Are Dacteks inkless chemicals toxic ... ?

NO. The U.S. mandated toxicology rates our patented inkless formula as being well below the level of toxicity rated by our U.S. government as well as the F.B.I. for meeting the requirements of being black, permanent and classifiable.

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Should I use an Ink or Inkless system ... ?

Ink systems are used in Pawn Shops, Pawn Brokers, Notary Publics, Casinos, Banks and Supermarkets. Inkless is usually used in high end human resources departments such as: banks, all government organizations. If you are using an applicant card for new employee hiring then our inkless system is for you.

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Do I need special chemicals for clean-up ... ?

No, both Ink & Inkless systems does not require special chemicals to clean-up. Typically can be wiped away with Dactek's cleaning towellete or being washed away easily with water and soap.

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How long will a fingerprint pad last ... ?

If the fingerprint pad lid is closed after use it should last for a long time. The ink maintains a reasonable shelf life. Actually usage depends how it be stored after each use. Please refer to product specification for each item . These numbers of prints are estimates based on applying gentle pressure from the finger to the pad when in use.

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How long will a fingerprint last ... ?

For government use or any official reason the fingerprint must be permanent. The FBI suggests the fingerprint should last the life time of a person, usually 75 years.

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Do I need special paper ... ?

If you are using an ink system no special paper is required. For applications using an inkless system a special coated with Dactek's inkless solution on the surface is required. Typically coated paper is available in any configuration at inexpensive prices.

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Where can I go for formal training on fingerprinting ... ?

Unfortunately, we know of no training facilities on fingerprinting. You could contact your local law enforcement agency as a learning source. Our suggestion is to practice and it is always good to have clean hands before beginning to fingerprint.

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