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Fingerprinting Systems

Fingerprints are a widely accepted form of Identification.   No two fingerprints are alike, thus fingerprint is a unique   form of identification. Fingerprinting can be dated back 1,500 years, where the Chinese used them for a form of identification. Fingerprints are used in numerous applications and industries. Predominate use is in Government and Law Enforcement, yet we see many applications for fingerprints in Banking, Real Estate, Check Cashing, and recently within Corporate America.There are many companies manufacturing and distributing fingerprinting products. To insure the product you select is a quality product you should seek products which are FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) or the ABA (American Bankers Association).
Inkless Printing: Fingerprinting, Keepsake Footprint

  With the Inkless Fingerprinting system, there is no messy black ink to get all over your hands.  Simply use the inkless Pad to apply the inkless chemical to you fingers and then press on a coated (special) inkless fingerprint card or self-adhesive coated (special) labels, creates a permanent true black fingerprint. The fingerprints created by our inkless technology are approved by FBI uses.

Watch the superior results with out having to wash your hands after.  With the inkless fingerprint system there is no messy ink left over on your fingers.  Just a clean, odorless substance that easily wipes away*.

Keepsake footprint products
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